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A friend of mine heard me vent about the virus issues I was having while running my graphic design business from home when he recommended PC Health Advisor™ maintenance software, made by ParetoLogic. I was skeptical after trying many different anti-virus products before with no success. But much to my surprise, I have been very happy with PC Health Advisor™, and would recommend their services to anyone.

The most helpful asset of the PC Health Advisor™ software is that it is all inclusive. The product serves as your basic anti-virus software and most importantly optimizes the function of your computer like never before! This software can help you update your drivers, clean your registry, and discard cached information that makes your PC run like a slug. Some more of my favorite features provided by PC Health Advisor™ are their Startup Manager and Privacy Scan. The Startup Manager keeps my booting in the morning fast every day of the week, and the Privacy Scan watches for temporary internet files that can compromise your privacy.

The one and only complaint I’ve had with PC Health Advisor™ is that every now and then a few of my programs will shut down unexpectedly. I haven’t has any major problems because of this glitch, such as losing information. At this point, the benefits of PC Health Advisor™ far outweigh this small speed bump. This software is super simple to use, and provides helpful hints during maintenance that help the user figure out even complicated system issues.

Ever since I began using PC Health Advisor™ to maintain my PC, it has been running better than ever. If you’re looking for a package of computer maintenance software that will take care of all your needs, try PC Health Advisor™. You won’t be disappointed!

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