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Ad-Aware™ review: For my business, I give this Ad-Aware™ review 5 stars! I’m online all day long every day, and have to visit hundreds of unknown web sites a day, plus using FaceBook and Twitter and other social networking sites, so my poor computer is really seriously at risk — and so is my income stream, if I don’t protect my PC adequately.

Hence this Ad-Aware™ review.

I chose to write this Ad-Aware™ review because Ad-Aware™ seems specially tailored to how I use my computer all the time. It’s especially useful against Spyware, which is more and more common nowadays, so I really appreciate that.

This Ad-Aware™ review is about Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware™ with “Genocode detection technology”. Genocode is an “advanced heuristic detection, which proactively analyzes file behavior and determines if a file is malicious by nature, even if it is so new it isn’t on the virus definitions yet.” What this means is that you won’t be sidelined by an attack from a source that’s so new no one’s managed to write a remedy for it yet – Ad-Aware™ spots the behavior and zaps it before it can do any damage. That’s what this stuff it supposed to do!

I wish it would have installed faster, that’s my only negative in this Ad-Aware™ review, (and of course I had to re-start, like with a lot of program installs), but it’s more than offset by the software’s performance once it’s complete.

There are a lot of anti mal-ware and other protection products out there but this seems to be the best for my purposes, since I’m making a living by being online all day, paying bills online, buying and bidding and all those other ‘dangerous’ FaceBook and risky site visits. I highly recommend this one in my Ad-Aware™ review.

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Lavasoft's Ad-Aware Antispyware™ Review, 8.7 out of 10 based on 13 ratings

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Angelina February 10, 2011 at 1:41 pm

I don’t normally leave reviews and testimonials, but in this case I HAD to! Ad Aware is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC !! It detected and cleaned many potential threats from my computer while conventional antivirus programs did nothing. It also removed some annoying pop ups I received constantly while surfing the Internet. My computer now runs faster and I don’t have any problems surfing the Internet now thanks to the Ad Aware!!!

I highly recommend you to scan your computer with Ad Aware. You can download and use free version and you’ll LOVE IT!



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