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McAfee, one of the oldest Software Antivirus Company was founded in the year of 1987 by John McAfee. It has been marketing Antivirus solutions, software and other services to the home, businesses and public sector users. Many Antivirus products has been developed by McAfee since its inception till today. However, today we will limit our scope of discussion in its newest released product McAfee Total Protection 2011.

McAfee Total Protection 2011 is a top line product from McAfee and has many robust features, to protect your PC and your online presence. We will slowly move through the main and the unique features this software provides us with.

McAfee Total Protection 2011 besides having on demand scan like all other antivirus software, has a very active real-time protection engine, which keeps on scanning for infections and other malicious codes and behavior on the background, without requiring much of processing power. This helps to fend off the active Trojans, viruses, worms, malicious scripts etc which resides in your computer.

McAfee acquired Intruvert Networks in the year of 2003 for $100 million, which specialized in web protection technology for detection & reporting of infected, malicious, phishing and other harmful pages throughout the Internet. They have seamlessly integrated the brilliant, technology that worked behind Intruvert Networks with this antivirus product and is provided under Site Advisor Plus option. The web protection feature also boasts of a robust firewall and a game mode settings, which prevents opening of any popup from computer or web browsers. It has also a inbuilt extensive email protection system. This protects you from spam and phishing emails reaching your inbox.

McAfee, has a pretty unique feature inbuilt in the antivirus software which is envied by most other similar facility providing companies, and it’s the feature of Data Protection. The Antivirus product has an integrated online remote data backup storage facility which enables its users to keep their important data safe and secured from viruses and from the risks of getting stolen. Anytime you decide the data is not to be retained anymore and should be securely deleted, without keeping any of its traces, it can be done in a click of a button by using the file shredder, provided along with the software. The bundled storage provided by McAfee is 2 GB. However, since this storage solution is provided by Mozy, you can order more space anytime you want, for some additional fees.

The premium suites of the Antivirus software consist of a group of features under the name of PC Utility tools, which protects your computer from getting clogged up with unused and junk files in various places. It also has an ability to fix unused and corrupted registry issues, which are mostly responsible for slow running of computer and a delayed boot up process. The regular use of the Utility tools can ensure you have a smooth running computer. As par to the compliment of the online data storage facility, McAfee has also provided an offline data protection system which can keep your data hidden and safe in any form of storage media ranging from a Usb pen drive to an external hard drive. It keeps the data encrypted in a 256 bit encryption and also makes the files hidden. This does not hamper normal usage of these file, or any other files whatsoever in any way.

McAfee has kept in mind of the group of its basic users and has kept the functions minimalistic and easily operable by normal users. This was a great move from the company on behalf of its basic users base.

They also have a pretty good support system, and it can be a real life saver in case you are about to declare “SOS” for your computer. They provide a free phone support for a period of one month after purchase and later you can either extend that period with additional fees or you can still have unlimited free support through chat and emails. However before contacting support you can always check their FAQ section, since they have quite a huge number of common issues documented there in video and text. They also have a high volume of KB articles. McAfee also offers an auto help bot or also called – McAfee Virtual Technician, which can be downloaded and installed. Once it is installed it can search for common problems with the antivirus software and get it resolved, without much human intervention.

Many people have been using this antivirus software for years and McAfee has a very loyal customer base. The company’s stock prices have increased many folds after Intel declared it’s going to acquire the company and suggested plans on directly integrating the McAfee antivirus solution in the chip technology. This is a very good pointer of company’s confidence.

However, there have been few problems reported against this Antivirus software product. This needs to be noted, seriously before committing towards it. Many users have reported that the product is exceptionally good in preventing infections to enter a computer, but once entered, removing them was somewhat complicated. Our own experts did not detect any issues, as McAfee Total Protection 2011 was able to detect and remove 99.9% of viruses, Trojans and other malware. Some users also reported significant issues when installing McAfee on an already infected system. The site advisor has also reported it to be ineffective against cleverly designed phishing pages.

However, allover experience rating for the product has been quite good for many users as reported on different websites and survey conducting firms. I also personally believe that the company has already received notifications about these problems and the updates will be released soon to fix all of the issues that has been there in this quite wonderful product otherwise. For your satisfaction you can always go to the company’s website and give it a try by installing their trial product, in case you are about to purchase a new Antivirus.

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